Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why Does The SyFy Channel Never "Fit In" No Matter How Hard It Tries To "Fit In?"

Because the SyFy Channel always goes under the mistaken and self delusional impressions that it is on anyone's radar for any reason, and is a..."go to destination"...for the latest happenings in society.

1. People aren't going to turn to the...SyFy learn about how various aspects of the Internet ruined people's lives. Let's be serious here. People will experience ruined lives via the Internet on their own through simple exploration and daily surfing. If an incident is severe enough, they will hear about it on the cable news.

2. People don't turn to the.... SyFy a secondary...."go to destination"....for video games. This has never happened and it never will. Again, people experience video games on their own without any help from the... SyFy Channel...

3. The.... SyFy Channel.... has never been a...."secondary platform".... for any reason (from a dollars and cents standpoint) for games, toys, information of any kind, or the latest trends in programming ("Walking Dead" well as other superior and well done Science Fiction on the other cable networks)

4. The SyFy Channel has failed at all of these secondary endeavors because it failed in the first place at its core mission..."To be a Science Fiction Cable Network"....without fail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From day one...the new and ongoing owners of this cable network (NBC / Vivendi / Comcast-Universal) were determined to mock and ridicule Science Fiction with its own crappy non-Science Fiction programming ideas. On top of that, it then...."Zig-Zagged"....all over the map from not being a Science Fiction almost being a Science Fiction emulating Science Fiction (very poorly) on the other cable networks....and then always ultimately....collapsing....into some sort of lazy middle ground in the middle of all of these extremes, still devoid of any discernible and coherent on-air cable network identity.

5. After almost 20 years of this same ludicrous and poorly run corporation (NBC-Universal) still owning the former and once great..... Sci-Fi Channel.... of the 1990's....this ludicrous corporation still has no idea what it wants this cable network to be ultimately. Because the people who run this parent corporation (NBC-Universal) continue to be...IDIOTS....and....MORONS.


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