Friday, March 18, 2016

Remember "Cafe Diem?" The Official Cafe of The SyFy Channel? Neither Does Anyone Else!! It Opened And Closed Pretty Quickly!!

Yes, the SyFy Channel tried its hand at opening a little cafe in its own name. It didn't work out too well for SyFy!!

If you'll notice, cardboard cutout customers are standing in both beer gardens since the SyFy Channel couldn't attract actual customers on its own!!

Your cardboard cutout hostess...."Julie"....(standing at the front door) welcomes you to...."Cafe Diem"....(via tape recorded playback message) since no real female in her right mind would apply for this dead end job!!

"Happy Hour!!""Cafe Diem!!"...

Yes, this was.... "Happy Hour!!" its peak on a Friday at....the SyFy Channel's...."Cafe Diem!!" Unfortunately, actual customers in crowds were attending the...."Happy Hours!!" the other bars and restaurants in town at the time this photo was taken!!

Maybe the SyFy Channel should stay out of the restaurant business from now on since it has failed at everything else it has tried as well!! Failing specifically at trying to run the former Sci-Fi Channel from the 1990's!!


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