Saturday, March 5, 2016

Without Any Effort Or Opposing Evidence Whatsoever, This Blog Has Safely Concluded That Universal Studios, Bryan Singer, And Ronald D. Moore Have Been The Worst Peddlers of "Would Be" Science Fiction Of The Past 38 Years Collectively

Universal Studios (NBC-Universal): Where does one even begin with this...inexplicably still existing...corporation? During the past three decades, its successful Science Fiction has been when Steven Spielberg has provided a rare and extremely infrequent project for them. All other times....from Science Fiction in general (including its still criminal ownership of the former and once great Sci-Fi Channel)....and its still criminal ownership of the..."Battlestar Galactica" has been plagued with nothing but intentional bad management & inadvertent bad management & unprecedented stupidity in every crappy decision it has ever made. Universal Studios has also pioneered the shameful practice of the...."Fake Science Fiction Movie / TV Show Press Release"....that Bryan Singer quickly picked up on and continues to overdose on even more so than Universal Studios.

Bryan Singer: This guy continues to rack up more...."Fake Science Fiction Movie / TV Shows Press Releases"....than anyone else in history in his erroneously chosen profession. In reality, Singer has completed no more than one television show and five films in 20 years. He has announced via fake press release in the past decade over 40 movies and television shows  that never came to fruition. He only knows how to direct..."X-Men"....movies with scores of others in authority above him involved in the actual decision making process of those..."X-Men"....movies. The one fantasy movie he completely pulled all of the shots on..."Superman Returns"....resulted in the lead character (Superman) having maybe four sentences of dialogue throughout the over two hour running time, bad casting of every role, no on screen chemistry between any of the characters, and Kevin Spacey doing the worst Gene Hackman impression we have ever seen. Such rare dialogue for Superman got past all of the producers and studio heads viewing all of the..."Dailies".... and they all let Singer get away with it without ordering script rewrites and re-shoots to beef up Superman's dialogue to actually having him having normal conversations with Lois Lane and everyone else.

Ronald D. Moore - The greatest Science Fiction producer / writer of all time....In his own imagination!! This guy loves himself so much he has never connected with mass market audiences with any of his own projects....EVER!!


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