Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SyFy Channel Is Auctioning Off Their "Galactica In Name Only" Props. What Does This Mean For The Future of "Blood & Chrome?"

The SyFy Channel's..."cough"....highly imaginative wardrobe from their "Galactica in Name Only" (GINO) series. Low budget coveralls from "Farmer Brown's Retail Outlet" always convince me that a television series is taking place thousands of light years from Earth.

Usually, the SyFy Channel doesn't come right and tell us that a sequel series to their belovedly unsuccessful take on "Battlestar Galactica" has been cancelled. (It took the longest time for them to finally "fess up" and admit that they had pulled the plug on "Caprica.") Usually with the SyFy Channel, you have to begin putting two and two together to finally conclude that one of their belovedly unsuccessful "Galactica in Name Only" series has limited time in this life.

Take their embryonic "Blood & Chrome" project. What do we know about it so far?

1. The pilot movie has been placed in limbo.

2. Props from their two prior unsuccessful takes on "Battlestar Galactica" ("GINO", "Caprica") are now up for auction. This in itself means that the economic practice of borrowing props from these two prior series for a potential "Blood & Chrome" tv series will be an impossibility. And the SyFy Channel spending more money on original props for "Blood & Chrome" is laughable to say the least...when they could have hung on to the props they are presently auctioning off.

It can be unanimously concluded that the SyFy Channel's decade old "dabbling" in the "Battlestar Galactica" copyright has been wildly unsuccessful for them...perhaps even unprecedented in a lack of financial success. The typical end result in televised Science Fiction when you have the wrong people all of the time calling the shots (Bonnie Hammer, Ronald D. Moore, David Eick, David Howe, Mark Stern.) People with not one shred of imagination or inspired thinking yet somehow ended up in the positions they are in anyway.

The props utilized for "GINO" and "Caprica" were flea market crud in the first place. How fitting these same props are now being auctioned off as flea market crud.

Present company excluded of course...The Cylon Centurion costume and Dagget costume.

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