Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chaos Reigns Supreme At Universal Studios Involving "Battlestar Galactica." So What Else Is New?

Words of advice to Universal Studios:

You're not pulling anything on the general public if they already know well in advance (through three decades of experience) that you are trying to pull something. You see, Universal Studios. You can only pull something on the general public if they aren't aware that you're doing so.

So, what can we gather from the article above?

1. The Bryan Singer "Galactica" movie announcement from a few weeks ago was yet another bullshit movie announcement from Universal Studios and Bryan Singer.

2. The studio executive charged with moving this project forward isn't moving this project forward (like he is supposed to be doing) because he is involved with something else.

3. The status of this movie right now is a bunch of pre-production paraphernalia rotting on someone's desk with no script. Paraphernalia no doubt left over from one of Bryan Singer's earlier attempts at making a "Battlestar Galactica" movie (in 2001 and 2009) before he "bailed out" on both attempts.

4. Bryan Singer (as usual, as always) is saying nothing further to elaborate on the situation.

5. Universal Studios remains the "dysfunctional holy terror" it always has been towards "Battlestar Galactica" regardless of what year and decade it is.

Side Note

You mean Bryan Singer hasn't killed his career already with "Superman Returns?" The movie he thought would fly despite the fact that Brandon Routh hardly had any dialogue in it, and despite the fact that "Superman" and "Lois Lane" barely said two words to each other?

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