Saturday, November 26, 2011

From The Studio That Couldn't Even Deliver a Director's Cut of "Saga of a Star World" In The 2000s...

"...Now Claims Yet Again (For The Umpteenth Time) That It Will Deliver a "Battlestar Galactica" Movie In Two years with Bryan Singer Directing..."

As a corporation, Universal Studios has never had the intellectual capacity to deliver big with "Battlestar Galactica." Universal Studios needs to initially set its horizons less grandiose in the beginning, and then gradually work its way up to a theatrical film.

Universal Studios needs to do a "Director's Cut" of "Saga of a Star World." The very same, far superior "Saga of a Star World" that Richard A. Colla originally directed as a favor to Universal executive George Santoros.

You see, when Glen A. Larson and ABC-TV executives viewed Richard A. Colla's "Saga of a Star World", they deemed it too intellectual, too adult, and too scary for mass market television audiences in 1978 (the same mass market television audiences that had seen Alex Haley's "Roots" a year earlier on ABC-TV, complete with slaves getting whipped and having their feet chopped off) so Larson proceeded to fire Richard A. Colla and replace his far superior footage (Jim Peck reporting on the progress of the armistice signing on the surface of Caprica, Boxey delivering the killer line "people can die at any age, can't they?"...the original Adama / Athena scene with Adama overwhelmed with the burden he had undertaken) with the typical watered down, less intellectual footage all too common and preferred by television networks in 1978 (Jane Seymour now reporting on the armistice signing, Boxey turned into a jolly Adam Rich straight out of "Eight is Enough", the Adama / Athena scene reshot where it took all of the guts and genuine emotion out of the scene.)

Universal Studios needs to release Richard A. Colla's "Saga of a Star World" on DVD in order to prove to the world that they can at least do that before making any "Battlestar Galactica" movie with Bryan Singer.

Of course, Universal Studios will ultimately fail to deliver on both counts.

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