Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's Up, Cuz? Am I In Your "Five?"

Are we beginning to narrow in on what the SyFy Channel really is? It isn't a Science Fiction channel. It isn't a fantasy channel.

The SyFy Channel is a "hip, urban, hop-hip" oasis for "Generation Z-ers."

I like my "SyFy Thangy" straight from my Ipod. My Ipod is in my "five!!" If you're using my Ipod you're in my "five!!"

SyFy Channel isn't about "anythang!!" It's just in my "five" and I dig it whenever it's in my "five!!" You dig?

We laugh, we dig, we "hop-hip" on the SyFy Channel cuz the SyFy Channel is my cuz!! You dig?

I don't know what I am. SyFy Channel don't know what it is. But we still "dig" in my "five." you dig?

SyFy Channel got the "John Doe" vibe going on in my "five." You dig? I take the SyFy Channel into my "five" cuz SyFy Channel got the "amnesia vibe" going on in its self. It don't know what it is but it still wants to "rap" in my "five."

So I say bring it on in my "five", SyFy!!

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