Monday, November 5, 2012

In The Minds of Universal Studios & Bryan Singer, After a Year Passes, Press Releases Such as These Never Existed

October 21st, 2011 Press Release

Bryan Singer's August 3rd, 2012 P-P-P-Press R-R-R-R-Release Update

Universal Studios & Bryan Singer operate under a "Con Game System" whereby mass amnesia of the general public is repeatedly counted on for their mutual benefit. The two of them count on the notion that their B.S. press releases from the previous year will be forgotten. This is the central premise upon which Universal Studios & Bryan Singer repeatedly operate.

It's not hard to envision, is it?

Universal Studios & Bryan Singer: (Both looking at their wrist watches) "Well, it's been 1 year. Let's make another press release (announcing a completely different movie) in the hopes that the general public will have forgotten about our "Battlestar" press release from the previous year."

Of course, a year after that, Universal Studios & Bryan Singer resume their Bi-ennial "Battlestar" movie announcements.

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