Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Suggestions For The Next Batch of Movies Bryan Singer Could Announce via Fake Press Releases and Then Abandon

Keeping with the spirit of how Bryan Singer loves to announce his intent (via fake press releases) of directing remakes of classic Science Fiction movies (and then he ultimately never makes or directs them), I thought that the following three movies would be perfect for the next batch of classic Science Fiction movies Bryan Singer could announce via fake press releases and then never make them.

Of course, Bryan Singer won't be able to "not make" these movies until he's finished "not making" his latest..."X-Men: Days of Future Past."

1. The Omega Man - Although remade starring Will Smith as "I am Legend", the remake somehow missed the mark. However, "The Omega Man" starring Charlton Heston has all of the classic dramatic ingredients Bryan Singer could really wrap his directorial instincts around...."and not make."

2. The Questor Tapes - Gene Roddenberry's extremely promising tv movie / television pilot left viewers hanging in 1974 when it ended, promising a television series continuation (that never materialized) at the end of the movie. Bryan Singer too, can leave everyone hanging by announcing (via fake press release) a theatrical continuation of this promising television movie...and then "not make it."

3. The Gargoyles - This 1972 television movie was the first project for the late, great monster maker Stan Winston and his creature shop. Wouldn't it be an honor to the memory of Stan Winston if Bryan Singer announced his intent to remake this movie (via fake press release), and then ultimately "not make" the movie?

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