Friday, November 30, 2012

Universal Studios & Bryan Singer Have Been Absent From The Summer Movie Months Beginning in 2001. The Summer of 2013 Will Be No Different


The entire motion picture industry in Hollywood (and life marching onward and upward) has left behind Universal Studios and Bryan Singer in their theatrical partnership together that has never existed since 2001.

Once again, in the summer of 2013 (for the 12th consecutive summer), Universal Studios & Bryan Singer have absolutely nothing to offer summer moviegoers. Due to their usually expected, combined incompetence, they are left out in the cold, once again.

Universal Studios & Bryan Singer's October 21st, 2011 Press Release. Shouldn't this movie have been ready in time for summer 2013? Oh, that's right. This is one of the many "fake" movie press releases Universal Studios & Bryan Singer routinely make together because the two of them really don't make movies together. Expect their next "fake" press release like the one above in October 2013.

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