Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Not Difficult to Imitate What Bryan Singer is Tweeting on "Twitter", Grandiose Claims And All

"Finished scouting locations today for X-Men: DOFP. Montreal looks good."

"On the casting couch with Scarlett Johannson. She looks good."

"Script isn't written yet but I've already recruited my former costume designer from X1 & X2."

"Had a little din-din with my favorite friends today at our favorite restaurant."

"I sure am busy with X-Men: DOFP."

"Woke up this morning and immediately began thinking about X-Men: DOFP. I really did."

"Put on my socks and am still thinking about it."

"I really am in post-production with Jack The Giant Killer. I really am."

"Looking to June 2014 for the release of X-Men: DOFP."

"I really am making a movie this time after 18 aborted previous attempts. I really am. You really can believe me this time, because I'm tweeting it on Twitter."

Imitating what Bryan Singer is tweeting on Twitter is easier than I thought. Anybody can do it!!

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