Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let's Help The SyFy Channel Celebrate The Upcoming Debut Broadcast of "Blood & Chrome"....



By Taking a Moment to Pause, Ridicule, And Reflect Upon What a Thoroughly Broken, Dysfunctional, and Troubled Cable Network The SyFy Channel Has Been...

One of the best criticisms of the SyFy Channel yet!! From the mediabistro link directly above!!

quote - "First, a disclaimer: I was the co-creative director of the agency that launched the Sci-Fi Channel. I have also positioned or repositioned a number of cable networks, including Lifetime and E!, so I know something of the business. Over the years, I watched my work shredded or discarded and have always accepted these changes as natural. New people, new work. But the adoption of the Syfy identity is so absurd, so ungainly and so irrational, I feel compelled to comment on it.

My first thought was the new name was the product of new management with a new agenda, set in motion by big ambitions, but lacking any communications skills whatsoever. Their solution: play phonetic games and hope everyone was too busy twittering to notice.

As for the tagline: Imagine Greater. It is not only awkward, but an inept attempt at imitating Apple’s brilliant "Think Different."

I suppose advertisers and audiences will have to Imagine Greater to accept the network’s claim that it has created an “ownable trademark that can travel with consumers across new media and non-linear digital platforms, new international channels and extend into new business ventures.” This kind of linguistic slobbering is not only risible, it is illogical— SyFy is either Sci-Fi or it isn’t.

I understand Landor ( has divorced itself from the project, and one has to understand how terrible an identity must be for that firm to disavow any connection to produced work. I don’t know Dave Howe, the network’s new president, but I understand he’s English. This leads me to suspect he wormed his way into Bonnie Hammer’s affections on the strength of an accent, which many Americans still find a little intimidating. It seems that Howe may be the beneficiary of the old Lenny Bruce punchline: “An Englishman reading from the phone books is more compelling than an American reciting the Gettysburg Address.” Hence Syfy for Sci-Fi." - unquote

None of this talk is going to hurt the RATINGS for the SyFy Channel's debut broadcast of "Blood & Chrome"....IS IT??




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