Friday, February 22, 2013

NBC-TV Falls to Fifth Place Behind "Univision!!" That's Right!! Behind "Univision!!"

Excuse me? Aren't the people working in the "Black Tower" above supposed to be experts in their field? I mean, these are the people who actually claimed to know what they are doing when managing the SyFy Channel and the "Battlestar Galactica" property!! Look at how well both of those scenarios panned out!!....Cough!! (rolling my eyes)....Now, the people working in that "Black Tower" pictured above have also caused the entire NBC Television Network to fall behind this network in the ratings!!


This is like "ESPN" falling behind The "Home Shopping Network" in the ratings!!

What do they call it in the business world when something like this happens? Corporate employees get...."Pink-Slipped?"...."Canned?"...."Terminated?"....."Fired?" ...."Clean your desk out?"....

Congratulations to these lovely Spanish folks for beating NBC-TV in the ratings by the way!!

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