Friday, February 1, 2013

What NBC-Universal Would Prefer You Not Know is That The Name Change to The SyFy Channel Did Not Go Over Well With its International Affiliates


quote - "The rebranding efforts at NBC Universal's Sci Fi Channels worldwide resulted in most rebranding as Syfy or Syfy Universal, however, over one-third of the channels did not take on "Syfy" as any part of their names: Australia rebranded the Sci Fi Channel as SF Channel, channels in Japan and the Philippines rebranded to or were replaced by Universal Channel, while each of the channels in Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia would become Sci Fi Universal. Syfy, in several languages, does not suggest imagination or science fiction so much as the syphilitic." - unquote

quote - "It was originally named "Sci Fi Channel", but the name Syfy was officially adopted on July 7, 2009, and most were renamed Syfy Universal by 2010. Exceptions to this renaming scheme included Syfy USA, Syfy UK, Syfy Latin America, Syfy Portugal and Sci Fi Channel Australia. The Sci Fi Channels in Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, became Sci Fi Universal." - unquote

It just goes to show that NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel is alot more fragmented than they would like you to believe.


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