Thursday, February 7, 2013

NBC-Universal is Increasingly Leaving Behind Sloppy Footprints Everytime it Engages in Viral Marketing on Websites

The NBC-Universal "Black Tower." Where the decisions were made to destroy the Science Fiction genre with the SyFy Channel and destroy "Battlestar Galactica" with Ronald D. Moore's sham rendition of it.

This article is really interesting, isn't it? The favorable comments NBC-Universal left for its own tv shows on this blog has IP addresses that trace right back to NBC-Universal.

Many times their viral marketing goes horribly wrong for them...

Where have I seen a similar situation like this before?....Thinking...."Aaaah, yes!!" NBC-Universal also has left "Fake" negative book reviews for these books on Reviews that trace right back to them as well. Notice how these "Fake" negative book reviews of theirs (instead of reviewing the books legitimately) libel the author instead.

The dead giveaway that a "Fake" negative review was left on by NBC-Universal is when the reviewer says something to the effect....

"I never read this book, but the author really, really sucks anyway because I used to argue with him on scores of other Internet forums, he refused to conform to my differing opinion and he is just.....wrong about everything!!"

Lo and behold!!...That is precisely what all of these "Fake" negative book reviews are saying on

To sum up...all of these "Fake" negative book reviews are yet another hoax of NBC-Universal /SyFy Channel.

Will NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel ever reach the point professionally where they are no longer making crappy television shows in general, crappy Science Fiction movies, and crappy renditions of "Battlestar Galactica?" In short, making sub-standard products all around?

...And then they have to lie about the sub-standard products they made all over the Internet by attacking authors on for having written the truth about them, and attacking the general public in general on forums all over the Internet. Or putting in the good word for themselves on blogs promoting their own failed tv shows leaving behind IP addresses that trace right back to them.

Quite frankly, I think it's due time for the "Federal Trade Commission" to shut down NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel once and for all.

This blog is filled with documented evidence of all of the horrible things they have done to consumers as a business justifying such an action by the "Federal Trade Commission."


Read the books Universal Studios has tried and failed to censor on


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