Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Aaahh-Ha!!" My Prediction Did Indeed Come True!! Universal Studios Found a Way to "Screw Over" This Blu-Ray Release!!;jsessionid=60B3D8F66E9653C1B0ADE7E7058EF48D.bbolsp-app02-116?id=2667591&skuId=8801242&st=galactica&lp=2&cp=1

Yes, Universal Studios did indeed find a way to screw over this first ever Blu-Ray release of the "1978 Battlestar Galactica" release in the following two ways....

1. Limited distribution!! You can only purchase this title from "Best Buy" and nowhere else!! Not even on!!

2. Low quantities manufactured!! During this very week when this title was released (this title was released frickin' yesterday!!), it's already on back order!! You mean...Universal Studios incredibly brilliant marketing department didn't anticipate huge sales of this title? "Yeah, right."

Universal Studios: "Let's only manufacture low quantities of this title despite the high demand!!"

For those who need a refresher....this is what I predicted Universal Studios would do to this title. While I got the precise methods wrong as to how Universal Studios would screw over this title on purpose, they screwed it over nonetheless!!...

I have proven to be correct....yet again!!


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