Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Have The "X-Men" Movies Always Been Too Boring, Tired, and Predictable?


Yes, the poster is boring. What about the "X-Men" movies themselves? The first "X-Men" movie came out in 2001. Since then there has been....what?....three or four sequels plus two "Wolverine" movies? These movies have never done all that great at the box office...






From day one, these "X-Men" movies were always pretentious and always on the boring side. The "X-Men" characters have never come across as interesting or exciting movie characters because they aren't as exciting or as flashy as...."The Avengers"...."Iron Man"....."Captain America"...."The Fantastic Four"...."Richard Donner's Superman Movies".....or "The Hulk."

The "X-Men" as portrayed in these movies are just these boring guys and gals walking around in matching jumpsuits....bitching and moaning...about not being accepted by mainstream society. One guy shoots fire out of his index finger..."Whoop-Dee-Doo!!"....One of the "X-Men Girls" causes people to hemorrhage just by touching them..."Gross!!"....Patrick Stewart just wheels around in his wheelchair throughout the movie sounding like Jean-Luc Picard reciting Shakespeare, and Hugh Jackman grows claws out of his knuckles.

Has there ever been a more boring roster of superheroes for the movie screen with such..."Yawn"....inducing powers?

Not only that...but the actors always cast to play these superheroes are your typical and boring "Southern California / Hollywood Yuppies"

After 13 years and 5 boring "X-Men" movies, maybe it's time to put the movie series to rest....permanently.


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