Monday, May 27, 2013

Isn't it "Odd" How The SyFy Channel Always Showers Praise Upon The Very Television Series...They Cancel? "I Love You!...I Love You!!...You're Cancelled!!"

A few items of note here...

1. If the SyFy Channel loves "Warehouse 13" so much, why are they cancelling it?

2. Who cares how many seasons "Warehouse 13" is renewed for? If a television series has a "passionate fanbase", isn't it the "logical business objective" to keep the television series going forever?

3. SyFy Channel...and the rocky management that it has had (Bonnie Hammer, David Howe, Mark Stern) certainly has never had a string of successes under its belt (putting it mildly.) Cancelling "Warehouse 13" after only four seasons and an abbreviated fifth season is not a wise business move especially if "Warehouse 13" has truly been the "Signature Series" of the SyFy Channel. And SyFy Channel certainly doesn't have anything else presently to fall back on in its permanent absence.

4. The cancellation of "Warehouse 13" certainly plays into the notorious reputation (unfortunately a truthful notorious reputation) that the corporation NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel has always had an instinctive and odd business aversion towards building "Science Fiction Franchises" over a long period of time in both the movies and on television. (Just look at "Battlestar Galactica".) This corporation also (for whatever reasons), has always been averse towards conjuring up imagination and inspired thinking on its own, and has always been averse towards those who can supply it to them (the cast and crew of "Warehouse 13") for both the short term and any sustainable periods of time.

5. Instead of the SyFy Channel claiming that they love the cast and crew of "Warehouse 13" while at the same time firing them from their jobs, at the very least the SyFy Channel should take the entire cast and crew of "Warehouse 13" out for a supremely expensive dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the world, and thank every one of them for their work on the series. Shaking hands and patting backs in the process. It wouldn't hurt either for the SyFy Channel (on top of dinner) to give every cast and crew member of "Warehouse 13" a supremely generous "Severance Package" and an "Umbrella Portfolio" where they can all retire comfortably...forever. In appreciation of the revenue the cast and crew of "Warehouse 13" brought to the SyFy Channel. Now that would be love!!

It would be the first time that "Non-Corporate Types" would be given "Severance Packages", but the SyFy Channel is going to have to begin being a trendsetter in some way!! It certainly hasn't been a trendsetter in how it has run its network!!


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