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October 2013 Will Be The 10 Year Anniversary of This Infamous "Hunk of Junk" DVD Set Being Released. What Will Universal Studios Do For an Encore?

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"I am bringing this topic up since universal studios released this set as flipper discs using some gold colored discs. It would seem that they don't stand the test of time. discs that worked perfectly now seem to have flaws in them. disc one has so much data on it that compression must be an issue. I am wondering if anybody else is having an issue."

          "James, you're talking about Universal Studios.  They seem to have zero love for *any* older series.  I'm beginning to think they are waiting on the world of "software as a service" where they'll only offer a monthly subscription to titles available only to stream."

"To the OP:

Universal released *many* series/movies on poorly manufactured DVD-18s (2 sides, 2 layers).  The gold color is indicative they are DVD-18 disks, although many are silver.  I do not know if those which are gold are more problematic.   In spite of complaints about and *many* issues with those pressings Universal continued to release flawed product.  Most titles released in that format have never been given a updated release to fix those issues.  I've read comments that they may have a shorter life span due to instability with the glue holding the layers together.  I have *many* Universal titles in this flawed format but so far I've had no problems outside initial ones where I've been able to get a replacement disk during the "warranty" period.  However, every time I play one of these disks my enjoyment is lessened as I expect issues.  This is based on comments from others, like yours.  While other manufacturers released titles in that format they didn't seem to have as many issues as those from Universal.  However, I stopped purchasing "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (Fox) because I *never* got good copies of
S1V1 or S1V2 (after several exchanges on both).  I do not own the original "Battlestar" so can't help you on that one, but "reviews" at amazon indicate others had pixilation/skipping/freezing issues when this set was released.  Even so, I'd suggest contacting Universal about your issue.  Worst case is they ignore you, but they might actually replace your disk(s), although you would have to pay postage for the return."


"Battlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series" was released by Universal Studios in October 2003. From the beginning, consumers knew from day one that there was something very, very wrong with this DVD set. Immediately after removing the factory installed cellophane from the DVD set and opening it up for the very first time, consumers found cracked discs sitting in the trays. Discs were also so tightly packed into the trays they were almost impossible to remove. The pilot episode "Saga of a Star World" always froze at the 1:30 mark because of too much content crammed onto disc one."Saga" also was not digitally remastered as was claimed on the box.

One could only imagine with horror what Universal Studios would do for an encore 10 years later after this abomination was allowed to go out into the marketplace (by Universal Studios.)


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