Monday, May 26, 2014

After All of The Hoopla and Advertising, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is Just Another Forgettable, Disposable, and Average Grossing "X-Men" Movie

This movie didn't need to be made at all. The "X-Men" movie series was already suffering from franchise fatigue before "Days of Future Past" was even released.

What more could be done in a movie series with nameless and faceless mutant characters without the discernible and dynamic personalities and costumes of ...."Iron Man"...."Captain America"...."The Hulk"....and...."Thor".....?  Don't give me that crap about..."Oh, there are psychological layers within the mutants to be explored for future movies." Bullsh**. The "X-Men" mutants are nameless and faceless background extras in their own movies. Who and what you always see walking around in the background without....."definition triggers" to who and what they are. "Joe The Plumber" and "Tito The Delivery Man" down the street with super powers you aren't aware of.

In terms of box office grosses...."Days of Future Past" actually doing worse than all of the previous "X-Men" movies because...."Days of Future Past" the most ludicrously expensive "X-Men" movie ever made. "Days of Future Past" won't break even this holiday weekend, next weekend, or ever. "Days of Future Past" not going to break even....ever.... period. Which means it also won't turn a profit....ever.....period.

Thank God...."20th Century Fox"...has access to....."Underwriting"....for this movie, right?

This movie didn't need to be made. This movie series should have been put to rest for good instead.


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