Monday, May 12, 2014

I Have a Sneaking Suspicion, That if a "Renegade Universal Studios Executive" Brought Up The Idea of a "Director's Cut" of "Saga of a Star World"...

....The idea would get immediately....."Filibustered" all of the other idiot executives working in the "Universal Studios Black Tower."

Universal Studios Executives (In Chorus): "I do not like 'Green Eggs and Ham.' I do not like them 'Sam I Am'"....

For 14 consecutive hours no doubt...

Yes, no thanks to Universal Studios...All of the missing footage from "Saga of a Star World" present in this snowy trailer will remain in this snowy trailer.....

1. "Rigel" announcing numerical distances not heard before. "100 Microns"...."95 Microns"....etc.

2. Buttons being pressed on the bridge just before the "Vipers" launch. Probably by "Rigel" herself.

3. "Adama" announcing "General Quarters" with additional never before seen footage of "Warriors" racing to the launch bay.

4. "Omega" quickly darting his head from the left to the right.

5. "Adama" and "Tigh" observing something.

6. Footage of "Boomer" in his "Viper" looking to the left while in combat.

7. The original voice of the "Imperious Leader." Ted Cassidy?

8. The survivors of "Caprica" yelling at "Apollo" in their original (more compelling) "on-set voices" before they were dubbed over for some thoroughly unnecessary reason no doubt.

9. Explosions sounding more dangerous.

10. A few extra seconds of footage of a bridge officer flying across the "Atlantia" bridge while explosions are going off.

11. A different music cue (never heard before) playing while Starbuck and Cassie are in the launch bay.

12. A head on view of the "Landram" on "Carillon" not seen before.

13. Extra seconds inside the "Landram" as "Boomer" opens the door to get out.

14. More extra footage of the aliens inside the "Carillon Casino."

Plus we have all of the missing and extended spaceship scenes from "Saga of a Star World" in the European theatrical release from 1980....."Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack."


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