Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Suspect That Universal Studios Has No Life Left In It For The "Big Budget Summer Spectacle" or Anything Related to Science Fiction

"Who's There?"
"Big Budget Summer Spectacle!!"
"Big Budget Summer Spectacle Who?"
"Nothing Provided by Universal Studios!!"

Yes, in this big budget summer season of "Maleficent", "Godzilla", and that other boring "X-Men" movie, Universal Studios has opted out of the big budget movies and the "Science Fiction" spectacles of summer. I'm thinking of "R.I.P.D." as the reason why.

Instead, Universal Studios has provided for this summer season the low budget clunkers "A Million Ways to Die in The West" (because Seth MacFarlane's inexplicably famous personality hasn't yet crashed enough media platforms already) and "Neighbors." A trend of low budget, lightning fast DVD releases (from the theaters) I suspect is slowly beginning to cultivate at Universal Studios in place of big budget spectacle and Science Fiction.

Has Universal Studios turned into the "Low Budget Theatrical Equivalent" of the SyFy Channel?


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