Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Think I Have It Figured Out Now. Only Universal Studios Can See The Imaginary "Battlestar Galactica" Movies It Keeps Announcing Every Two Years

Sigmund Freud: "What we have here with Universal a complete breakdown of the socio-pathological inflicted mechanism known as...'Id'....within the realm of what the rest of us call reality. Universal Studios sees what no one else sees because what Universal Studios sees is not real. The focal point of Universal Studios fantasies....'Battlestar Galactica' a corporate wide mass hysteria within the 'Black Tower' which seems to be triggered 'Biennially' by an 'Unknown External Agent' in the atmosphere...for arguments sake what I will call ...'X-Factor'...specifically targeting certain corporate executives working at Universal Studios. Whether it be similar hygiene habits and / or the lot of them coming in to contact with similar hygiene products...the end result always is an enhanced stimulation of the 'Collective Cerebral Cortex' of these individuals at the group level resulting in the 'Mass Hypnosis Delusion' of a 'Battlestar Galactica' movie being made every two years."

Universal Studios: Keeping it real for its one-way ticket to the "Funny Farm."


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