Saturday, May 3, 2014

No Singular Organization Has Done More to Kill Science Fiction in Film & Television Across The Board Quite The Way Universal Studios Has

Pick a card, any card!! Hand Universal Studios any Science Fiction property whatsoever for the movies and television, and it will find a way to utterly obliterate that property into absolute "Mass Market Dormancy" permanently. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes inadvertently...

"Battlestar Galactica" - Good Lord!! Is there any sexual position left in human knowledge where Universal Studios hasn't yet "F*****" this property into utter "Mass Market Immobility?" Whether it be allowing Ronald D. Moore to turn the property into a crappy "Blade Runner" issuing "Fake Press Releases" announcing "Fake Movies" beginning in releasing crappy merchandise based upon the "1978 Series" highlighted by the horrible DVD set of the "1978 Series" released in 2003 with cracked and freezing the 36 consecutive years of crappy management overall.

Yes...Universal Studios has been... "Around The World and Back"....a multitude of times with "Battlestar Galactica" beginning in 1978....Complete with a..."Dominatrix"....a whip...a chair....and a dog collar. 

"R.I.P.D." - This movie could have worked and could have been a "Mass Market" success if Universal Studios had just signed off on a clever script.....original ideas....a better cast....and wasn't trying to rip off the "Men in Black" movies every two seconds.

"SyFy Channel"- This cable channel has always had the notorious mark of Universal Studios (NBC-Universal) all over it. Anything and everything except Science Fiction on its daily schedule, professional wrestling, boring and unfunny reality shows, and its own endless round of "Fake Press Releases" announcing supposed space based Science Fiction shows that never come to fruition.

"Cowboys & Aliens" - This movie had everything going for it....Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard behind the scenes.....Harrison Ford was the star. An intriguing premise. There was one glitch in the "Corporate Armor" however.....The movie was made by and made at Universal Studios...Where things always go...."Strangely Wrong"....with Science Fiction / Fantasy movies.


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