Friday, May 23, 2014

I Have Said it Before and I'll Say it Again. The "Ludicrous Ambiguity" of The "X-Men" Characters on Film is The Reason Why These Movies Tend to Not Do As Well as Say..."Spiderman" and "Captain America"

Who are these "Mutant" rejects? What are their names? What are their powers? For all we know they could be from....."Shark Boy & Lava Girl"....Part 7. Or...."The Brady Bunch Meets 'Spy Kids,'"

The problem with the "X-Men" characters on film (aside from always having a very sloppy and bland pedestrian wardrobe) is that they never have had strong, dynamic, and discernible personalities on film such as....."Spiderman"....."Captain America"....and...."The Fantastic Four."

When you start dumping a shit-load of secondary and ambiguous..."X-Men"....characters into a movie.... characters you don't give two shits about because you don't know who they aren't going to want to follow them through the movie just through lack of interest and boredom.

It hasn't helped matters any either that the "X-Men" movies have had wardrobe designer (s) with an eye towards bland and muted attire in with bland and muted colors. These youngsters above could be dressed for a night life in "Vegas" without anyone taking notice of how they are dressed. Bystanders would comment...."Oh, more kids headed for the 'Cosplay Convention."

Not legitimate attire for real superheroes.

Another thing. "20th Century Fox" has had 14 years (starting in 2000) to build up the secondary "X-Men" characters into discernible and distinctive superheroes with strong personality traits and unique costumes. "20th Century Fox" has done nothing after 14 years to build up these secondary characters. Instead, they have merely focused on "Wolverine" and "Professor X." Going so far as to give "Wolverine" by himself two of his own private sequel movies already. "Wolverine" being a stunningly overused character as it is at the expense of the all of the stunningly underused secondary characters during the past 14 years. So here we are 14 years later with a bunch of nameless and faceless "X-Men" adolescents" whom we don't know who the hell they are...nor do we care.


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