Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm Notifying The "Guinness World Records" Organization Over Universal Studios Unbelievable "Procrastination" in Making a "Battlestar Galactica" Movie, And That It is Worthy of An Entry in Their Records


April 8th, 2014...

August 3rd, 2012....

October 21st, 2011....

August 13th, 2009....

February 22nd, 2001.....

What would an entry in the "Guinness World Records" look like for a "Battlestar Galactica" movie? Something like this?

Guinness World Records -

"Longest Procrastination Period in The Development of a Movie"

Battlestar Galactica Movie -

Since 2001, Universal Studios has been announcing and not making a Battlestar Galactica movie. Starting off as an announced television movie to be aired on the Fox Television Network in 2001, the following decade revealed this project continuing to not get made under the management of Universal Studios with a series of press releases that were not true.

A pattern of press releases not truthful in nature eventually emerged in the decade of the 2000s whereby Universal Studios began announcing and not making this movie roughly every two years. Many within the fandom of this television series have hypothesized that malice against this fandom has been the motivating factor behind Universal Studios announcing and not making this movie. Universal Studios always being fully conscious and aware that these press releases will always lead to nowhere each time it announces them. With a full decade of these questionable press releases having already been logged, there is every reason to believe that there is truthfulness to this hypothesis.


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