Sunday, May 31, 2015

Was There An Insane Strategy Behind Using Such Crappy Looking Box Art?


What if the purpose of this crappy looking box art wasn't to repulse customers...but to repulse retailers instead? How many retailers probably took a look at this thing and opted not to carry it at all because they found the crappy looking box art so repulsive themselves and thus concluded so too would their customers?

Lo and behold, the more retailers that opted out of carrying this thing inevitably resulted in extremely limited distribution. Which is what Universal Studios wanted all along?

I have studied this extremely wacky and eccentric corporation (Universal Studios) long enough to know that when it has come to..."Battlestar 1978"....products, they (Universal Studios) tend to always do two things contradictory at the same time when releasing...."Battlestar 1978"....products. (1) Release..."Battlestar 1978"....products, and (2) release them in such a way where they are always screwed up (repulsive) in some way limiting mass distribution. The kicker being...they can always....About Face...(after feigning a legitimate release) and say..."You see?? You see?? Hardly any of these...."Battlestar 1978"...products sold which proves to us (Universal) that there just isn't an audience for a new..."Battlestar 1978"....production."


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