Sunday, July 24, 2016

For The Upcoming Week, The SyFy Channel Decided To Just Let Its "Corporate Beer Belly" All Hang Out With a Barrage of "The Worst of The Worst" of Most of Its Bad Programming Ideas

Ironically, during the tail end of..."Comic - Con"....week!!

That should really draw the curiosity seekers who attended..."Comic - Con" the SyFy Channel website to check out what the channel is REALLY about!! An..."Anti-Legitimate Science Fiction Channel"....filled with frivolous, generic junk in its programming!!

Talk about trying to make a great impression on those..."Comic - Con"....enthusiasts!! (rolling my eyes!!) Doesn't translate well from having to make a great impression at..."Comic-Con" not making a great impression over the airwaves, does it?

Everyone realizes you are really two different beasts.


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