Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The SyFy Channel Is Going Where It Doesn't Fit In, To Pretend What It Really Isn't, In Order To Make Programming Promises It Will Never Keep


The..."Anti-Science Fiction Cable Network"...for the past two decades is once again...Thumbing It......to..."Comic-Con"....for another year in order to pretend what it never has been (a legitimate Science Fiction cable network) in order to what else? Con the convention goers into believing that it is in fact a legitimate Science Fiction cable network.

I think the SyFy Channel always counts on the theory that the Science Fiction fans at..."Comic Con"....have never and do not pay attention to what the SyFy Channel has actually been doing over the airwaves for the past two decades...

Fluctuating wildly with inconsistent / erratic programming content:

1. Wrestling
2. B-movies
3. Cooking shows
4. Occasional stabs at Science Fiction programming

5. Broadcasting every hunk of drek (non-Science Fiction) from the..."Universal Studios Film Vaults"...

6. "C.S.I." reruns

The SyFy Channel would be the perfect cable network for Donald Trump and the Republican Party to commandeer. With the SyFy Channel's full enthusiastic cooperation of course.


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