Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The SyFy Channel Is The Only Cable Channel In History To Consider It a "Slam Dunk" (Casting Coup) To Cast Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow In Starring Roles For Anything

I never did get into or understand the..."SyFy Channel Train of Thought"....where it is considered the equivalent of nabbing Marlon Brando or Lawrence Olivier for movie roles when former B-List actors agree to appear in SyFy Channel movies.

Read the books Universal Studios tried and failed to censor on

And read the books at another location where Universal Studios executives and its stealth marketers won't be able to post negative, misleading (stealth marketed) reviews of the books via them purchasing candy and Rogaine Foam on (allowing them access to the book review section) and not actually buying and reading the books.

I'll leave the other 150 locations under wraps for now.

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