Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Always Get The Impression That The "Real SyFy Channel" - You Know, The Channel That Detests Science Fiction in Reality, Is Always Busting to Get Back Out!!

For the time being anyway...the..SyFy Channel"....seems to have disguised itself as a..."Quasi - Science Fiction Channel"....

But we all know what it was before that...Wrestling...."C.S.I."...reruns...John Edward...and this intangible flavor and appetite for the..."Hillbilly / Redneck"....demographic.

I know the..."SyFy Channel" just busting at the seams to reveal to all of us what it really is underneath all of that...."Quasi - Science Fiction Masquerade Nonsense" is putting forth as a disguise right now....

A...."Monster Truck Tractor Pulling Competition / Maury Povich / Sharknado"....generic cable channel."

How about the moniker..."Sacky Packy" - (SyFy) ? It appears to make no sense but when you think about it...It puts monster truck pulling, Maury Povich, and..."Sharknado"...movies quite comfortably under one umbrella.

"Sacky Packy (SyFy)" - The hillbilly / redneck channel

Yes, there's no..."F""Packy"....but the hillbilly / redneck demographic wouldn't know any better. The perfect audience for the SyFy Channel.

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