Thursday, July 28, 2016

So, Why Didn't The Hopelessly Inept SyFy Channel Pick Up.... "Agent Carter".... For a Third Season?

"Blastr" - The SyFy Channel's right arm of all things Science Fiction reported the channel itself will never be - apparently laments..."Agent Carter's"...cancellation, and how it was not picked up by..."Netflix"...for a third season.

So, why didn't the SyFy Channel itself pick up..."Agent Carter"....for a third season?

I'll tell you why!! A few of the more obvious reasons come to mind...

1. "Agent Carter" way beyond the intellectual range of the SyFy Channel to wrap its..."Corporate Mentality"...around. It's smart, clever, and delightfully surprising. Everything the SyFy Channel is not.

2. "Agent Carter"...was monumentally expensive to produce. Way beyond the SyFy Channel's..."Bargain Basement / Super Discount / Clip Your Coupons / Brain Dead"....assembly line methods of television production in beautiful downtown..."Vancouver"...for its miniscule base of television viewers - "Uneducated Hillbillies" - The...."Maury Povich"....crowd.

3. The..."Corporate Home of Maury Povich" - (Comcast Universal / SyFy Channel) never has and never will reach such heights of intellectual greatness as even thinking about rescuing..."Agent Carter"...for a third season. It isn't smart enough to do so.

After witnessing with absolute horror how the..."Universal Studios Corporation"....utterly decimated the once great..."Sci-Fi Channel"...from the 1990's with terrible management...I gave up on any hope of how a legitimate Science Fiction channel would operate...such as greenlighting a television series version of Gene Roddenberry's...."Questor Tapes"....Ironically and tragically also owned by Universal Studios.

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