Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why These "Battlestar Galactica Definitive / Ultimate Collections" Aren't Worth The Dirt They Were Sprouted In

1. One of the obvious reasons: Intentionally crappy box art. Universal Studios couldn't have said it clearer and more blatantly with this intentionally crappy box art that it did not want to sell a lot of units of this item. It is clear (due to internal corporate political reasons) that the objective here from day one was to sell as little units of this title as possible (on purpose)

2. Screwed up widescreen on purpose is screwed up widescreen on purpose regardless of trying to con your way out of it. Which is what one idiot tried to do by trying to rationalize that because Paramount Pictures screwed up the widescreening of one of the season sets of... "Star Trek: The Next Generation"... BY ACCIDENT, This justified Universal Studios screwing up the widescreening of..."Battlestar Galactica"....ON PURPOSE.

3. As far as I'm concerned, how badly Universal Studios screwed up these..."Battlestar Galactica"...Blu-Ray sets...ON a good early indication and warning of how it would  handle a new..."Battlestar Galactica" or television show. Which is to say if Universal Studios ever got around to making either one in the next trillion years...either of them would be an absolute catastrophic disaster.


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