Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Battlestar Galactica is a Priority." So Said Bryan Singer 10 Months Ago

And immediately after claiming a Battlestar movie was a priority (just one month later), Bryan Singer diverted his attention away from Battlestar to three simultaneous projects:

1. Six Billion Dollar Man
2. The Munsters
3. Star Trek

If the "Battlestar Galactica" property were owned by a psychologically normal corporation, and if this movie had been assigned to a film director who completes movies within the Hollywood standard of..."a normal amount of time" (two years)...instead of Bryan Singer's time frame of..."11 years and counting"...this movie would be further along right now after 10 months than just a first draft script fumbling through endless revisions.

Bryan Singer's "Battlestar update" from a couple of days ago really wasn't an update at all, because it was nothing more than a reiteration of this project being in the same "Development Hell" it always has been in during the past 11 years due to Universal Studios and Bryan Singer's endless apathy towards this project.

It doesn't take 10 months to write a script, and it doesn't take 11 years and counting to make a movie. Not only that, but after 10 months the Battlestar script still isn't finished. Wheelchair bound Stephen Hawking couldn't go any slower trying to complete the 50 yard dash.

This is the classic "Modus Operandi" of Universal Studios and Bryan Singer being in partnership together...Nothing gets done...absolutely nothing. It has been this way for the past 11 years with this Battlestar production, and it will go another 11 years after that...squared.

There is something else going on here as well. A change for the worst in Bryan Singer's work habits. Generally speaking, Bryan Singer circa 2012 announces movies he claims he wants to direct, and then immediately abandons them in order to go off and do smaller, much easier projects, such as The "Munsters" television pilot, and a web series for Quite frankly, some of the reasons why I suspect this Battlestar movie never gets made includes:

1. Bryan Singer has a short attention span.

2. His attention is easily diverted away from projects he initially announces.

3. He would love to complete many projects at once but lacks the motivation to begin 99% of them.

4. Bryan Singer is burned out on directing theatrical films, so he keeps abandoning them:

a. Battlestar Galactica
b. Logan's Run
c. Six Billion Dollar Man
d. X-Men: Last Stand

And some movies Bryan Singer is dropped from because he was taking too long during the pre-production phase...

e. Excalibur

Bryan Singer never "Officially Abandons" movies per se, he just endlessly procrastinates in getting movie projects going, for years and years on end. He finds easier, smaller projects to do (apparently to kill time) during the times when he should have been directing these movies.

Bryan Singer is like a kid in school always playing "hooky" from class when it comes to directing movies. He doesn't want to actually begin the pre-production process of making a movie, or show up on the set to begin directing. When kids play "hooky" from class, they go to the local shopping mall instead. When Bryan Singer plays "hooky" from directing movies, he goes over to the television industry and directs ice cream commercials, and the "Munsters" pilot.

Bryan Singer's press release from the other day stating that the "Battlestar" movie is still in the script phase after 10 months, confirmed indeed that Bryan Singer has been playing "hooky" from this "Battlestar" movie for the past 10 months. Just as he played "hooky" from directing this "Battlestar" movie in 2009 and 2001.

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