Monday, August 20, 2012

Perhaps Bryan Singer Needs to Stop Speaking On His Own Behalf. Everytime He Does, He Implies Too Many Things

Perhaps Bryan Singer should study and use the above video to determine whether or not he should be his own spokesperson in the future.

Bryan Singer said alot of implied things in this video via his spontaneous stuttering...

1. He and Universal Studios have absolutely no enthusiasm for any theatrical "Battlestar Galactica" project and never will. As a consequence, the two of them will continue dragging their knuckles on the pavement from one decade to the next not making a "Battlestar Galactica" theatrical film of any sort.

2. Bryan Singer will go to great lengths to try and conceal the fact that his present enthusiasm for directing movies is long gone. Regardless of the title of the movie Bryan Singer's name is presently attached to, no progress is made whatsoever on any of those movies...ever.

3. Bryan Singer goes to great lengths to try and sell the public on the notion that only having a script going through revisions after 10 months is a perfectly normal passage of time in the production of a movie, and it isn't necessary to go any faster.

4. Bryan Singer gives the overwhelming impression that he would like to be anywhere else except sitting in that chair talking about "Battlestar Galactica" after being put on the spot from a curve ball question. That he would even prefer being in another profession entirely. Whether it be fixing leaking pipes or flipping burgers.

5. Bryan Singer implies in this video that he is done with theatrical movie directing entirely, and his momentary sitting in that chair is a temporary transit station in between him leaving behind movie directing entirely, and drifting into television.

6. Bryan Singer also gives the impression that he isn't going to be starting or finishing new or present projects anytime soon.

7. The nefarious actions of Universal Studios are implied in this video as well, that they are going to do absolutely nothing to try and jump start this project by handing it over to another movie director who still wants to be a movie director. That Universal Studios is perfectly happy to let this project die for a third consecutive time in the boring and "sinking ship" hands of Bryan Singer in downgraded career transition.

8. Of course, if Bryan Singer doesn't want to tackle and physically complete high profile projects anymore, this leaves his agent being unable to line up and secure decent work for him. Bryan Singer's only recently completed project is a piss-pot little video series on And Singer is proud of that and is touting that?

9. I'll wager that once Bryan Singer completes his career transition over to television, he won't be completing much (if anything at all) in that industry either. I'll even wager that Bryan Singer will never complete the "Munsters" pilot for NBC-TV at this point.

10. Bryan Singer wants to be doing something else entirely career wise circa 2012. And it shows. Boy, does it show.

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