Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's Get Down to "Brass Tacks." Has The Hollywood System Dumped Bryan Singer? Are They No Longer Seeking His Directorial Services?

The critical and commercial failure of "Superman Returns" would be a huge strike against any director's future career in Hollywood.

Is this what happened to Bryan Singer? Is this why he wasn't given the green light on any project he announced?

1. Logan's Run
2. Excalibur
3. Six Billion Dollar Man
4. Star Trek
5. X-Men: Last Stand

Has Bryan Singer been announcing these projects before the studios gave him the "Official Go-Ahead" to begin working on these projects? Has he been announcing these projects prematurely before the studios have been giving him the green light?

Is this why Bryan Singer has been gradually drifting into television and..."kinda"...."sorta"....staying there permanently?

And what of Universal Studios, Bryan Singer, and "Battlestar Galactica?" I'm sorry but conventional wisdom suggests that this project should be further along after 10 months than merely being in the..."Script Revision Phase."

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