Friday, August 10, 2012

The Internet News Media Hasn't Caught On Yet That Bryan Singer Isn't Directing Theatrical Films Anymore?

How much clearer can it be for the Internet media to see? Bryan Singer is presently directing everything else except theatrical films:

1. The "H+" series for (My apologies. Singer didn't direct this.)
2. "Magnum Gold" Ice Cream Commercials
3. The "Munsters" television pilot

His latest theatrical movie claim...the "Battlestar Galactica" film he announced on October 21st, 2011 is no further along now than it was 10 months ago.

Even if he were still directing theatrical films, he has turned out to be a very poor leader of potentially hundreds of people eventually hired to work on this "Battlestar Galactica" movie while sitting in the "Director's Chair." His management approach is decidely "hands off" and "thorough lack of involvement."

10 months after a movie is announced would certainly yield more than merely "the script is going through revisions" as Bryan Singer stated of the "Galactica" movie in his latest interview. And 10 months after a movie is announced would and should yield more than merely "flustered stuttering" on Bryan Singer's part in his latest interview.

If the "Battlestar Galactica" script was taking 10 months or longer to write and revise, (or if it began to look like it was going to take that long early on), Bryan Singer could have activated other aspects of pre-production while waiting for the script to be written. George Lucas did it all the time. During these past 10 months, Bryan Singer and Universal Studios could have hired an entire art department to begin designing sets, spacecraft designs, costumes, props, etc.

Science Fiction films by their very nature don't need to wait for a script to be completed before the design work can commence, because everything is going to look like what it is going to look like regardless of when the script gets completed (revisions and all.) For example, spacecraft designs in a Science Fiction film are agreed upon not because of script requirements, but because they "look cool."

Assuming that Bryan Singer was and has been working on this movie, he is a very poor leader as a movie director because he has given the overwhelming impression that he is an uninvolved, uninterested presence in the supposed development of this movie.

For Bryan Singer to say that "he hopes to direct this movie at some point" 10 months into the time frame when he should have been already heavily involved in the pre-production process of this movie (hammering out visual designs with his art department), tells me that Bryan Singer is not the slightest bit interested in this movie and he hasn't been working on it at all for the past 10 months. Pre-production design work with an initially hired art department is one of Bryan Singer's many, many responsibilities as a movie director. In his latest interview, Bryan Singer implied that he merely shows up on the set and directs the actors after everything else has been designed and approved by other people. That's it. I guess Bryan Singer would like the mental sensation of showing up on the set and saying..."Wow, that's really cool...I never saw anything like that before!! Who designed and approved that?"

Is Bryan Singer trying to set a new, bad precedent with this "Battlestar Galactica" movie? Since when is it a movie director's only job responsibility to merely show up on the set and direct the actors after all of the prep and design work has already been done for him without his involvement? When did this start? Where has Bryan Snger been during the past 10 months when he should have been hiring and leading an entire art department to design this movie while the script was being written? I doubt very much if Bryan Singer has a team of proteges that does this work for him because not even Steven Spielberg has that. And Bryan Singer isn't talented enough to have "Protege Groupies" he can delegate "Director" responsibilities to.

That's right...I forgot...Bryan Singer isn't actually directing theatrical films anymore.

Maybe the Internet news is starting to take notice?

quote - "Singer is no stranger to TV, acting as producer on the medical drama "House," as well as having a hand in the short-lived series "Dirty Sexy Money" and "The Triangle." He's been a little under the radar theatrically following the tepid reception of "Valkyrie" and the deafening fanboy "mehs" that greeted "Superman Returns." His next film is the fairy tale-tinged "Jack the Giant Killer," due out next year, and his name is still attached to an adaptation of "Battlestar Galactica," at least until someone explains to him what the SyFy Channel is." - unquote

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