Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whatever Happened to These Three Guys? The Three of Them Have Lacked Staying Power in Hollywood

Eli Roth - It's a surprise to no one that a film director cannot build a career in Hollywood around nothing but gross makeup effects on the movie screen. On top of that, Eli Roth's horror movies were just plain mean-spirited. You can't keep the money coming in from movies like that no matter how hard you try.

Ronald D. Moore - Separating this guy from the Sci-Fi Channel was like shutting off someone's life support system in the hospital. He has gone nowhere in his career since parting ways with the Sci-Fi Channel and their nefarious stealth marketing machine designed on his behalf. His stint with Sony has yielded absolutely nothing yet, his ill-fated "17th Precinct " for NBC-TV and his ill-fated "Wild, Wild West" pilot for CBS-TV being the first consecutive casualties with Sony.

Bryan Singer - Make no mistake. It's no coincidence that Bryan Singer's work in television has increased two-fold since the critical and financial failure of "Superman Returns" and the financial failure of "Valkyrie." He is having to direct sitcom pilots (The Munsters) and ice cream commercials nowadays just to support himself. Bryan Singer's additional inability and liability in being unable to get a "Battlestar Galactica" production of any sort off the ground after 11 years (in Singer's partial defense, Universal Studios has been no help) hasn't helped his credibility as a theatrical film director in anyone's eyes. His additional inability in getting "Logan's Run", "Excalibur", "X-Men: Last Stand", and "The Six Billion Dollar Man" up and running makes it very safe to say nowadays that Bryan Singer's theatrical film career as a movie director....IS TOAST.

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