Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The "Bryan Singer Curse" Strikes Again!! "The Munsters" Was Delayed Back in February of This Year!!

quote - "Among the TV pilots to receive an early order is the revival of a classic TV series from the ‘60‘s. Whether or not it proves to be as charming and funny to viewers as the original did remains to be seen. While NBC’s The Munsters reboot may have a title, it doesn’t have a cast yet. This little snag in the development of the project has reportedly resulted in a production delay.

According to Deadline, following difficulties with casting, NBC is has decided to push off production on the Munsters pilot to June. Given the interest in this particular project, being a reboot of a classic TV show, it’s understandable that casting be especially crucial to the project. Deadline doesn’t specify exactly what the issues are, only that casting is the reason for the delay. The site also notes that Jon Favreau’s CBS comedy pilot Tweaked, which also received an early pilot order, has also been delayed due to casting issues.

At this point, it seems like the only thing set for the Munsters reboot, aside from that Bryan Fuller writing and Bryan Singer directing, is that the series will be named Mockingbird Lane, a nod to the street on which the family lives. Now that we know there have been “casting difficulties,” I’m even more intrigued to hear what comes through the pipeline on the casting front as the project continues to develop." - unquote

Bryan Singer = Endless Delays

Did this project ever resume production in June of this year? Has Bryan Singer dropped out of this project yet? Is it getting blatantly repetitive to always be asking this when Bryan Singer is attached to a project?

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