Tuesday, August 7, 2012

There is Every Reason to Believe That The SyFy Channel's "Haunted Highway" is 100% Scripted, Imaginary Nonsense

Imagine my total lack of shock and amazement when I went to do a "Google", "Bing", and "Yahoo" search on "The Louisiana Swamp Woman", which is supposed to be an ages old urban legend around those parts...and the only information that came up on all three search engines was information linked specifically to the SyFy Channel's "Haunted Highway" series.

There is no independent information apart from the SyFy Channel's "Haunted Highway" series about this "Louisiana Swamp Woman." No independent news articles, no library archives, no news clippings going back 25 years, etc.

I won't bother searching for "Skin Stealers" and "Devil Dogs", and the rest of the imaginary, scripted nonsense that has already appeared on the SyFy Channel's "Haunted Highway" series.

Gee, SyFy Channel has six episodes in the can already of "Haunted Highway", and not one episode about the real supernatural entities in this world?

1. Documented -  "Resurrection Mary" on Chicago's south side.
2. Indiana's documented haunted library - "Willard Library."
3. Documented - The Bell Witch

Quite frankly, it would probably be too dangerous for the "Haunted Highway" cast and crew to investigate the above three, which is why they are only investigating the ridiculous imaginations of their scriptwriters. It might have to do with insurance purposes, right? Put the cast members in the middle of real, potential dangers, and the insurance premiums of "Haunted Highway" skyrocket.

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