Monday, June 3, 2013

Does Anyone Even Care What These Two Guys Do Anymore, If Anyone Ever Did?

The trumpets are blasting all over the Internet with the latest press releases from Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer. The two of them are diving in head first into some stupendous Science Fiction / Fantasy production promising the simultaneous arrival of "The Messiah" at the same time. At this late date all that anyone can ever say is....."Who Cares?"

Ronald D. Moore and Bryan Singer have repeatedly proven themselves to be extreme lightweights in the arenas of Science Fiction & Fantasy, never causing so much as a single ripple by a skipping stone in the Science Fiction & Fantasy genres. Their collective works always ending up right here a short time later....

Wal-Mart always has been and forever shall be the final resting place of all of the crappy (and highly derivative) ideas of Ronald D. Moore & Bryan Singer.
1. Bryan Singer's latest claim is that he is directing "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Who cares? There have already been five or six "X-Men" movies. "Yawn!!" Been there, done that!! Additionally, the movie will either never get made at all due to Bryan Singer abandoning it, or if it does get made it will carry with it all of the cultural impact of the previous "X-Men" movies. Which is to say....None at all!!
2. Ronald D. Moore, being a fairly boring person to begin with in how he tackles Science Fiction & Fantasy, is now boasting about how he is bringing a new series to the SyFy Channel called "Helix." Aside from the fact that the SyFy Channel will always be the only paying customer to his crappy ideas (I wonder why!!)...a big unanimous...."Who Cares?".....also goes to Ronald D. Moore and his latest "Yawn" inducing idea of an arctic research station run amok due to a biological illness. Let's be blunt here. Ronald D. Moore has always been obsessed with the....."Isolated Arctic Research Station" setting with scientists / military types trapped on the inside ever since legendary director John Carpenter invented it in 1982 for his brilliant horror movie...."The Thing." I suspect that since Ronald D. Moore's script for a contemporary remake of "The Thing" was rejected, he dusted it off....removed John Carpenter's "Thing" creature...replaced that threat with a "Biological Outbreak" preying on characters still inhabiting "John Carpenter's Arctic Research Station", and submitted the mess to the (never having any style at all)  SyFy Channel. Lo & Behold!! A television series no one ever asked for is being made by the SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore. John Carpenter should be thanked for the inspiration by SyFy Channel and Ronald D. Moore in the "Prologue" of this thing....(No pun intended.)
A great big...."Who Cares?"....also goes to Ronald D. Moore.
I think it's time for Ronald D. Moore & Bryan Singer to have...."Simultaneous Epiphanies"...and finally admit to themselves that they simply never were, are not presently, and never will be talented in bringing Science Fiction / Fantasy to the movie and television screens.

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