Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Funny...No Credible Mention of Bryan Singer as The Director of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" at "IMDB"

A few items worth noting here...

1.Bryan Singer isn't listed as the director of this movie in a credible way, but he is listed as one of the producers eighth in rank behind Richard Donner's wife. Good for him and more likely!! You mean to tell me that the way Hollywood works now, is that Singer would be given the sole reins to this thing despite his piss-poor track record as a director (The consecutive Box Office failures of "Jack The Giant Slayer", "Valkyrie", and "Superman Returns), and despite the combined heavyweights of Richard Donner and Laura Shuler Donner being on the set with him among others?  Bryan Singer is a high risk commodity right now to be gambling "X-Men: Days of Future Past" on solely. Thank God Richard Donner is on the set at all times for "course corrections" when needed.

2. I now firmly believe that this movie is in production because my hero and idol since 1978 (Richard Donner) is one of the top producers. When Richard Donner ("Superman", "Lethal Weapon 1-4, Tales From The Crypt") is involved in any production it gets made...period. Additionally, Richard Donner can effortlessly glide between being one of the top producers to being on-set "Director of Principal Photography." This movie doesn't need Bryan Singer, it has Richard Donner. This movie is now in capable hands regardless of whether or not Bryan Singer decides to drop out or not. Richard Donner can just place a lamp shade over Bryan Singer's head and have him stand in a corner and "Tweet", and the movie will get made regardless.

3. As much as Bryan Singer would love everyone to believe that he is making this movie all by himself, the big dogs are actually making it....Richard Donner and his wife (Laura Shuler Donner) are actually making it along with hundreds of other people. I know this about Richard Donner. If he is on the set of any movie officially designated as one of the...."Producers".....he will contribute more than enough input as the "Director of Principal Photography" as well. I will even guess that Richard Donner will be directing some "Second Unit" stuff as well. Bryan Singer will no doubt be standing off to the side for a good 85% of this movie... observing the "Master in Action" (Richard Donner) allowing Bryan Singer plenty of more time to waste his days away "Tweeting" on "Twitter."

4. Could Bryan Singer really handle that heavy and bulky camera rig all by his little lonesome? That piece of camera equipment is reserved for the big boys and the heavyweights in Hollywood and the "Directors Guild" (Richard Donner.)

5. I suspect this movie is being directed by committee with Richard Donner being the primary collaborator (in "Principal Photography") and the other producers pitching in as well. Bryan Singer is a minor cog in the grand scheme of this movie.

6. I suspect Bryan Singer was demoted due to the failure of "Jack The Giant Slayer" at the box office.

7. I suspect if Bryan Singer gets a primary directing credit for this thing at all, despite Richard Donner and his versatility in directing and producing being on the set at all times, the credit won't be justified due to A-List committee and collaborative input from Donner and others and will (I suspect) be due to the fact someone high up in the studio chain of command wants to do Bryan Singer a huge favor after his decade of being in a rut professionally.

8. Tobe Hooper was given screen credit as the director of "Poltergeist" in 1982 but Steven Spielberg actually directed it. (Imagine that!! Spielberg was one of the producers on the set of "Poltergeist" at all times yet he took over directing from Tobe Hooper.) This sort of thing happens quietly all of the time in Hollywood and I suspect there will be no difference with "X-Men: Days of Future Past."


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