Friday, June 14, 2013

Isn't This Interesting? While Not Doing Much of Anything, Michael Moore's "Celebrity Net Worth" is Only $20 Million Less Than Bryan Singer's


Michael Moore's "Celebrity Net Worth" is $50 Million.

Bryan Singer busts his ass everyday issuing "Fake Press Releases" and "Fake Tweets" (Really not doing much of anything), and his "Celebrity Net Worth" (if you want to call it that) is only $70 Million. All of his "Fake Press Releases" and "Fake Tweets" have taken their toll I would think.So, Singer is roughly in the same range as Michael Moore. In other words, a lightweight in the Hollywood community.

The decades eventually change but his "Frown" never does!!

Just to have some fun and ridicule the guy even more (even if he really has nothing to do with the topic of this post), the "Celebrity Net Worth" of Edward James Olmos is only $14 Million. All of this "Frowning" has gotten Edward James Olmos really far, hasn't it?
I predict that the likes of Bryan Singer, Ronald D. Moore, David Eick, Edward James Olmos, and Bonnie Hammer are already fading (and will eventually fade permanently) from public view due to their collective inability to achieve superstardom in the first place, and will all be placed in the same "Has Been" category of former stand-up comedienne "Judy Tenuta." Never great or noteworthy to begin with, and then...."Poof"....gone from the public stage.

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