Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Three People (Always Remotely) Linked to Media Science Fiction Have Accomplished Absolutely Nothing Constructive in The Genre For 10 Years and Counting

This guy went to acting class....where? "The Frowning Theater of The Arts?" Edward James Olmos has spent 30 years and more, frowning and mumbling his way not only through Science Fiction / Fantasy based productions ("GINO", "Blade Runner", "The Wolfen"), but also as the delightfully stone-faced "Captain Castillo" in "Miami Vice." Any production this guy appears in is a sure-fire guarantee for a miserable viewing experience even if Olmos is only the guest star.

This guy who killed Captain Kirk via a "Scaffolding Collapse" and who took a stab at and failed re-booting "Battlestar Galactica" because his low budget take on it was nothing more than characters on the brink of calling "The Suicide Hotline" set in beautiful downtown, low-budget "Vancouver" (and the location shooting made no attempt to hide that fact) has unfortunately reduced his attempts at televised Science Fiction to objects of "Manic-Depressive Ridicule."

Bryan Singer apparently loves the Science Fiction genre as a fan but lacks the Hollywood clout to make as many projects as he would like to. The few projects he does manage to make ("Superman Returns", "Jack The Giant Slayer") aren't very good and unfortunately prove that Bryan Singer doesn't have it in him to be a crowd pleaser the way Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg are.

Maybe if the three of them had regarded Science Fiction as exciting concepts and worlds worth exploring instead of merely as a means to jump start their careers which were never hot in the first place (and still aren't), their body of work in the genre (what little of it there is) would have been taken seriously instead of being tossed into the "Trash Heap" by mass market audiences.

These three individuals have also always had the combined knack for taking the potentially exciting realms of Science Fiction & Fantasy, and turning them into laborious, ponderous, and pretentious nonsense. No viewing experience in Science Fiction & Fantasy will ever be as boring as when Edward James Olmos, Ronald D. Moore, and Bryan Singer are involved in some way.


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