Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is Bryan Singer Hoping That This Movie Richard Donner is (Probably) Really Directing Will Be Known as "The Bryan Singer Movie?"

A few items and opinions worth noting....

1. Bryan Singer promoted the hell out of "Jack The Giant Slayer" and look where that got him. Mass market audiences didn't care if Bryan Singer directed "Jack The Giant Slayer" or not (partially because they didn't know who he was)....They didn't go and see the movie because it wasn't a good movie.

2. This will probably also be the case with "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

3. Singer is obviously banking on "X-Men: Days of Future Past" being "Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation" for his career regardless of whether or not he is in the director's chair. In this regard, he seems to be pushing it (via endless self promotion) as being less an "X-Men" movie and all about being..."The Bryan Singer Movie."

4. The previous (consecutive) box office failures of "Jack The Giant Slayer"..."Valkyrie"....and "Superman Returns" seems to have turned Singer into a compulsive / obsessive with self promotion on the Internet.

5. Audiences don't care if a movie has "International Flair" (filming locations all over the world) or if the movie is filmed on green screen soundstages (insert "Venice" background here) in Vancouver. All they care about is the end product. Is it a good movie? Does it have a good story? "International Flair" seems to be a "Self Promotion Tag" Singer is trying to label himself with to get everyone psyched about "The Bryan Singer Movie" and not an "X-Men" movie. Of course, since mass market movie audiences don't really know who Bryan Singer is, it's anyone's guess who exactly it is Singer is trying to get psyched up about this movie.

6. This level of Internet based self promotion seems to be desperation on Bryan Singer's part as no other director in Hollywood needs to do this. All other directors in Hollywood just quietly go out and make their movies....and let the studios promote them at the time of release. Bryan Singer has been promoting the hell out of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (all by himself) a year before its supposedly scheduled release...long before the studio begins promoting it. What does this tell you about Bryan Singer and his present status in Hollywood after the consecutive failures of "Jack The Giant Slayer"..."Valkyrie"....and "Superman Returns?" He really, really needs this movie to not fail. That should be no problem at all as long as Richard Donner is really directing it.


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