Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Since Ronald D. Moore Began Working For "Sony" He Never Really Stopped Working For "NBC-U / SyFy Channel"

...Because "NBC-U" Continues to Be The Only Entity (and Paying Customer) in Hollywood Stupid Enough to Be Interested in The Projects Ronald D. Moore is Developing at Sony.

Back in the 2000s, "NBC-U / SyFy Channel" was the only entity in all of Hollywood Ronald D. Moore could make a sale to ("GINO", "Craprica", "Blood & Chrome.")

When Ronald D. Moore left "NBC-U / SyFy Channel" to work for "Sony" in the 2010s....."NBC-U / SyFy Channel" continued to be the only entity in all of Hollywood Ronald D. Moore could make a sale to ("17th Precinct", "Helix.") And CBS-TV never did take to Moore's remake of "The Wild, Wild West", did they?

Everyone else in all Hollywood continues to not be the slightest bit interested in doing business with Ronald D. Moore.

Maybe it's because Ronald D. Moore's ideas continue to be highly boring and not the slightest bit interesting to everyone else in Hollywood....yet perfectly acceptable to the "Bone Heads & Potato Heads" at "NBC-Universal / SyFy Channel".....where the standards in taste will always be so much lower than everywhere else.

Why did Ronald D. Moore leave "NBC-U" to work for "Sony?" All that he has been doing is continuing to develop boring (and not commercially viable) concepts for "NBC-U" under a different roof.


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