Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Ronald D. Moore & Bryan Singer" Have Mutated into The "Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts" of The 21st Century in The Arenas of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Ivan Goff / Ben Roberts - Television producers , writers, and co-creators of the television series "Charlie's Angels" in 1975.

Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts also created the "Stinkeroo Stink-fest" of a Science Fiction television series called "Time Express" in 1979. Cancelled after 5 episodes, was it?

Time Express starred Vincent Price and Coral Browne as your train conductor and hosts while you traveled into the past.

Goff & Roberts also created the television version of Logan's Run in 1977.

Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts remind me of Ronald D. Moore & Bryan Singer so much because the excursions into Science Fiction and Fantasy by both duos has been embarrassing, pointless, and turd inducing!!
And the mind-numbing contributions into Science Fiction & Fantasy by Ronald D. Moore & Bryan Singer have already proven to be "Historically Insignificant" in the overall noteworthy history of Science Fiction in the movies and on television as was the case with Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts.

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