Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Telltale Signs Bryan Singer Really isn't Directing a Movie He Claims to be Directing

1. While scheduled "Principal Photography" is underway, Bryan Singer is everywhere except on the set. The race track, local fast food establishments, concerts. Someone else is (obviously) directing the movie in Singer's absence.

2. Bryan Singer announces other projects he supposedly "closed deals (signed contracts) to direct" while the original movie he claimed to be directing is shooting....apparently while Singer is not on the set directing.

3. If Bryan Singer is supposedly wearing three "Simultaneous Hats" associated with one movie (Producer, Writer, Director) as is supposedly the case with "X-Men: Days of Future Past" can be pretty sure he won't be doing any of them.

4. If there are high profile in "A-List High Profile Talents"....working on the same movie Bryan Singer claims to be working on (such as Richard Donner and his wife Laura), you can be pretty sure that Donner, his wife, and the other "A-List High Profile Talents" will actually be getting that movie made while Singer will be off-set relaxing at the "Grand Prix."

5. If a movie Bryan Singer claimed to have been directing is released and his name is not listed in the credits as the director, you can be pretty gosh darn sure Bryan Singer did not direct that movie.

6. When Bryan Singer is never listed in the "Guinness Book of World Records" under the category..."Hollywood Directors Who Have Successfully 'Tweeted' 24 hours a Day While Simultaneously Directing a Multi-Million Dollar Movie" can be pretty gosh darn sure that it is humanly impossible to do both. It would be just like "Texting While Driving", wouldn't it? Bryan Singer would cause an "On-Set Collision" between the "A-Camera Rig" and the catering table, wouldn't he?

Let's reminisce shall we because it's always worth reminiscing!!....

Bryan Singer's Aborted Project / Fake Press Release List - Volume 1

1. Six Billion Dollar Man
2. Battlestar Galactica

3. The Munsters (TV series)
4. Logan's Run
5. Excalibur
6. Bob Fosse mini series (HBO)
7. 2012 (SyFy Channel mini-series)
8. Sellevision
9. X-Men: Last Stand
10. Jack The Giant Killer
11. Star Trek: Federation - Television Series
12. The Prisoner
13. Wolverine 2
14. X-Men 3
15. Aim High
16. X-Men: First Class
17. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Abandonment Pending)
18. Freedom Formula: Ghost of The Wasteland
19. The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life & Times of Harvey Milk
20. Capeshooters
21. The Twilight Zone remake with CBS-TV

22. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
23. Footballers Wives
24. X-Men Origins: Magneto
25. Superman: The Man of Steel
26. uwantme2killhim?

27. My Eleventh

28. The Black Box (Abandonment Pending)

"Retro-Flashback Fun" with Bryan Singer on August 3rd, 2012!! Singer unsuccessfully tries to hide the fact that he was never working on the "Battlestar Galactica" movie he and Universal Studios announced on October 21st, 2011!!


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