Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bryan Singer Invented "Emotions Combined With Action" in Superhero Films? Nonsense. Director Richard Donner Invented it 36 Years Ago


In what continues to be absolute astonishment, Bryan Singer and his entourage find it necessary to lie (every step of the way) to try and advance his personal agendas.

This particular lie in the link above is so absurd / ridiculous, Bryan Singer and his entourage are now trying to rewrite the past and completely wipe out Richard Donner's brilliant directorial achievements in both "Superman - The Movie" and "Superman 2."

Well....I'm not going to let it happen.

If it wasn't for Richard Donner, Bryan Singer wouldn't even be directing right now, because Richard Donner inspired Singer to do so.

To the extent that Bryan Singer tried to rip-off both of Richard Donner's "Superman" movies with his pathetic "Superman Returns."

Oh...and it doesn't take "courage" to combine emotions with action in superhero movies, it just takes the brilliance, genius, and pioneering achievements of Richard Donner 36 years ago.

The new Hollywood in the 21st Century....So devoid of any imagination and inspired thinking itself...that it is now trying to take credit for other people's work from the past...hoping that the past has been long since forgotten.


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