Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Night, I Watched The Most Extraordinary, Inventive, and Immensely Entertaining "Science Fiction / Horror" Television Series The Likes of Which I Had Not Seen in a Long Time

As I sat there watching the pilot episode of this magnificent series, it began to dawn on me that this series also had a not so obvious characteristic about it making it all the more palatable. I finally figured out what it was....

This "Science Fiction / Horror" series was not made by NBC-Universal....Bryan Singer....or Ronald D. Moore.

Which is why it didn't suck!!

It was filled with fresh ideas, inspired ideas...and was a refreshing take on the "Headless Horseman."

There are talented people in the movie and television business who can make entertaining Science Fiction and Fantasy. They just don't work for NBC-Universal and they are not Bryan Singer and Ronald D. Moore.


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